Cult x HIYMH

Millions of our friends, family, and community members are struggling with their mental health; now, maybe more than ever, it is so important to remember to not only take care of your physical well-being, but your mental health as well. This is why we have decided to partner with How Is Your Mental Health (HIYMH), a Chicago-based Non-Profit dedicated to normalizing mental health by creating awareness against stigma and providing access to help. Instead of discounting our products while our brick and mortar store is closed, Cult is pledging 10% of all online sales to HIYMH until we are able to re-open the shop. This is an extremely difficult time for all of us and we see this as an opportunity to help provide resources to those who are struggling. By supporting Cult and HIYMH you are supporting your community, your loved ones and yourself. Stay safe and be well.

Cult and HIYMH

To learn more or make a private donation, visit:

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